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Declaration of intent signed with Roze Gebaar and COC Netherlands

Gay Deaf on Tour has signed a declaration of intent on August 2nd with Roze Gebaar and COC Netherlands đŸ˜‰

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Welcome to our website 'Gay Deaf on Tour'

A little information...

Here you will find more information about our foundation and also what we have to offer for the deaf and hearing impaired gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, transgender and disabled community (e.g. deafblind; Usher; people in wheelchairs and suddenly deaf).

With a wide range of workshops, lectures and festivals, Gay Deaf on Tour wants to provide a comfortable environment in our communities, neighborhoods and streets. Our committed employees support everyone so they can fully participate in our society.

Together with our volunteers, we organize various projects and activities to promote the quality of life and participation in districts, towns and cities. In short, with the services and activities of Deaf Gay on Tour your personal support is always within reach.

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Tom Uittenbogert

Chairman – wants everyone to be able to happily join festivals all over the world and share their opinions with each other.

Michel van Hese

Public Relations (PR) - wants everyone to feel at home from Gay/Deaf evenments. They can also talk to others about their experience.

André Uittenbogert

Treasurer and Secretary – wants everyone all over the world to be able to participate in events of their choosing.

Culturel program

Gay Deaf on Tour in Toronto Gay Pride 2019

The program of Gay Deaf on Tour in Toronto:

Start: June 16, 2019
End: June 23, 2019

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Gay Deaf on Tour in Toronto – Canada!

In June 16, 2019 Gay Deaf on Tour in Toronto will organize events and excursions in cooperation with Toronto Gay Pride. Gay Deaf on Tour - Toronto wants to integrate its program as much as possible with the program of Toronto Gay Pride 2019

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